Scoring Big: Our Custom SportsWidget Skyrocketed Engagement


Our innovative SportsWidget, tailored for the Cricket World Cup, was a game-changer for SportsUnfold. It not only captivated audiences with its engaging content but also significantly boosted revenue and click-through rates, marking a new era in sports digital advertising....


  • sportsunfold.com
  • Gurgaon, India


  • sports,entertainment


  • Display & Widget Monetisation

Relationship Period

  • 7 Months

About the client

SportsUnfold.com is one of the sports Information websites. Which is a start to know about sports players, Athletes to all passionate people, who wanted to know about that. Not only that but also where you will get all the latest news of all the major sports including Football, cricket, Kabaddi, Badminton. SportsUnfold will provide in future all the sportsmen and Athletes profiles and interesting facts also. And the main aim of this website is to become the best sports Profile site in the next few months.

The challenge

  • Need for a Sports Widget During World Cup 2023: SportsUnfold required a specialized sports widget tailored for the Cricket World Cup 2023, aiming to captivate the audience's interest during this high-profile sporting event.
  • Desire for Innovative Ad Formats: To enhance both user engagement and revenue, SportsUnfold sought to implement new and engaging ad formats. This was crucial for staying competitive and appealing to their audience during the World Cup season.
  • Goal of Incremental Revenue and User Engagement: The primary objective was to not only introduce new ad formats but to ensure these formats effectively drove incremental revenue and heightened user engagement, particularly during the cricket season's peak.

The solution

  • Real-Time Score Widget with Integrated Ads: We developed and provided SportsUnfold with a real-time score widget that not only displayed live scores but also elegantly integrated advertisements. This widget was designed to capture the excitement of the World Cup, keeping users updated with current match scores while presenting ads seamlessly within the interface.
  • Comprehensive Match Information: The widget was further enhanced to include information about upcoming matches, ensuring that users of SportsUnfold stayed informed and engaged with the latest happenings in the cricket world.
  • Linking Publisher-Written Content for Enhanced Engagement: To boost user engagement and provide value-added content, we also linked the publisher's own written content within the widget. This integration not only promoted user interaction with the site's native content but also augmented the overall user experience on SportsUnfold.


The strategic implementation of the sports widget for SportsUnfold brought about significant achievements. The integration of this feature led to an impressive 15% incremental revenue for the publisher, marking a noteworthy increase in their monetization strategy. Moreover, the widget significantly impacted user engagement on the website, which, as per Google Analytics, saw a remarkable 100% increase. This surge in engagement not only indicates higher user interest but also greater interaction with the website's content. Additionally, the in-content ads, integrated within the widget, achieved a 100% increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) compared to other ad units. This substantial growth in CTR underscores the effectiveness of the widget in capturing user attention and enhancing ad performance, thereby contributing to the overall success of SportsUnfold's advertising strategy during the cricket season.


engagement increase


Revenue increase


CTR increase

Testimonial from Sportsunfold

Lilian Bocouse



"Partnering with Rediads has been a game-changer for SportsUnfold, especially during the Cricket World Cup season. The introduction of the real-time score widget not only enhanced our user experience but also played a pivotal role in increasing our revenue by 15%. This partnership has truly transformed our approach to digital advertising and user engagement. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and exploring new heights together.

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Scoring Big: Our Custom SportsWidget Skyrocketed Engagement

Our innovative SportsWidget, tailored for the Cricket World Cup, was a game-changer for SportsUnfold. It not only captivated audiences with its engaging content but also significantly boosted revenue and click-through rates, marking a new era in sports digital advertising...


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