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What we do

We are a team who create exceptional Ad Tech with user first approach

At Rediads, we stand at the forefront of advertising technology, specializing in offering cutting-edge monetization solutions for Display, Video, and Native ads. Our mission is to empower publishers by providing them with the tools and technology necessary to maximize their revenue streams.

With a deep understanding of the digital advertising landscape, our team crafts solutions that seamlessly integrate with publishers' content, ensuring that they can capitalize on every opportunity to monetize their platforms effectively.

Our Mission

User-First Approach

We design our products with the user's benefit in mind, aiming to enhance their experience while ensuring content remains free. Our focus is on creating a seamless interface between content and advertisements.

Leveling the Playing Field

Rediads is committed to removing technological barriers for all publishers, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the competitive digital advertising landscape.

Sustainable Growth

Our strategy centers on fostering long-term, sustainable growth for publishers and the ad ecosystem, prioritizing ethical practices and innovative solutions for enduring success.

Our Ethics

The key to success



We commit to maintaining openness about our processes, performance metrics, and monetization strategies with our partners and clients.


Quality and Innovation

Continuously striving to deliver high-quality, innovative ad solutions that meet the evolving needs of publishers and users alike.



Committing to sustainable practices that support long-term growth and stability in the advertising industry, minimizing negative impacts on society and the environment.



Ensuring equal opportunities for all publishers, regardless of size or background, by providing tools and knowledge that level the playing field.


What our clients say

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“We found the ideal strategy to connect with our users after incorporating RediAds, resulting in a notable increase in revenue. This achievement is credited to their robust platform and committed team.”

“Everything was operational in just a few days. RediAds enabled us to realize a considerable increase in performance through strategic ad placements and by linking us with advertising demand that was previously beyond our reach.”

“RediAds has proven to be a dependable partner, with their header bidding solution delivering outstanding results, particularly in terms of revenue and support. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking to boost their revenue.”

“RediAds consultancy services are incredibly focused and beneficial, extending their expertise beyond just ads to encompass our entire website. Without RediAds, we would have missed out on significant revenue opportunities.”

Work with us

Our services

Managed Prebid

Experience seamless Prebid management with RediAds. Our team takes care of all the complexities involved in updating, upgrading, and optimizing Prebid ads on your site, allowing you to concentrate on creating great content.

Ad Tech Consultancy

Leverage our profound insights and exceptional talent to develop your ideal ad tech product more effectively. We offer industry expertise that positions you well ahead of the competition.

Widgets and RichMedia Creatives

We recognize the critical role of user engagement in a publisher's success. Our solution includes highly interactive and engaging widgets, offering monetization opportunities to maximize the value of your content.

Video Player TopStories

Monetize your content uniquely with instream video ads through a video player that customizes content based on user preferences, offering a superior method for content monetization.

White-Label Tech

We develop white-label technology for enterprises, designed to drive tangible growth.

AdX and Premium Demand Connections

We offer publishers access to an MCM account through Google Ad Manager, and we are integrated with over 14 unique SSPs in the market, which we extend to our publishers.