MajhiNaukri Experiences a 50% Surge in Fill rates with Rediads


By integrating multiple demand partners through prebid.js, Rediads achieved a higher fill rate and enhanced eCPMs for MajhiNaukri


  • Majhinaukri.in
  • Mumbai, India


  • Jobs Search


  • Ad Optimisation
  • Display and Widget Monetisation
  • Website Technology Consultation

Relationship Period

  • 1.2 Year

About the client

A dedicated platform offering the latest updates on government sector job openings. Understanding the challenges faced by job seekers, MajhiNaukri addresses the crucial need for timely and reliable notifications. In an age where postal delays and unforeseen issues can mean missed opportunities, MajhiNaukri steps in to fill this vital gap. They provide a seamless and efficient way for aspiring individuals to stay informed, ensuring no missed chances in securing a government job. MajhiNaukri is not just a platform; it's a beacon of hope for thousands aiming for a prestigious career in the government sector.

The challenge

  1. Vernacular Site Constraints: As a vernacular website, MajhiNaukri faced the challenge of lower fill rates. This issue is often encountered by regional language platforms due to limited availability of suitable ads that align with the language and content preferences of the target audience.
  2. Lower Click-Through Rates (CTR) Due to High Returning Visitors: MajhiNaukri observed a notable decrease in Click-Through Rates (CTR). This was primarily attributed to the high volume of returning visitors. Frequent users often become accustomed to the ad placements and formats, leading to 'ad blindness' where they are less likely to engage with the ads.
  3. Underperformance of AdSense: Tied to the issue of low CTR, MajhiNaukri's reliance on AdSense for revenue generation faced a setback. AdSense performance is closely linked to CTR, and with the decrease in user engagement with ads, the effectiveness and profitability of AdSense diminished for MajhiNaukri. This underperformance highlighted the need for a more dynamic and engaging advertising strategy.

The solution

  1. Integrating Multiple Demand Partners via Header Bidding Solutions: Through strategic collaboration with the publisher, we integrated various header bidding solutions like Prebid, OpenBidding, and APS. This approach significantly addressed the issue of low fill rates, enhancing ad availability and variety.
  2. Optimized Ad Placement for AdSense: We conducted a thorough optimization of ad placements specifically for AdSense. This included adding two new ad spaces while removing one, ensuring a more effective and less cluttered ad environment.
  3. Incorporating Innovative Ad Formats: To boost ad engagement and CTR, we introduced engaging ad formats such as parallax ads. These ads offer a more dynamic and interactive user experience, leading to higher engagement rates and better performance metrics.


Our tailored solutions for MajhiNaukri led to remarkable achievements in digital advertising. By integrating multiple demand partners and embracing real-time auction strategies, we saw a 50% improvement in fill rate compared to traditional AdSense metrics. This strategic approach not only diversified the ad inventory but also significantly enhanced the overall fill rate. Furthermore, the introduction of innovative ad formats such as parallax and sticky ads contributed to a notable 30% increase in eCPM, a clear indicator of heightened advertising revenue. Most impressively, these engaging ad formats successfully elevated the average ad viewability to 85%, ensuring a substantial rise in user engagement and ad effectiveness. These results not only demonstrate our commitment to innovative advertising solutions but also underscore our ability to significantly boost performance metrics for our clients.


Higher Fills


eCPM increase


Overall View-ability

Testimonial from MajhiNaukri

Lilian Bocouse

Hardik Sutari


“RediAds consultancy services are incredibly focused and beneficial, extending their expertise beyond just ads to encompass our entire website. Without RediAds, we would have missed out on significant revenue opportunities.”

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MajhiNaukri Experiences a 50% Surge in Fill rates with Rediads

By integrating multiple demand partners through prebid.js, Rediads achieved a higher fill rate and enhanced eCPMs for MajhiNaukri..


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