Optimized Ad Strategy Boost floor price for Cricket Addictor


In collaboration with Rediads, Cricket Addictor made strategic decisions influenced by market trends. By tailoring floor prices to the cricket season, we achieved a remarkable 300% increase in eCPM and a 32.3% rise in revenue.


  • cricketaddictor.com
  • Gurgaon, India


  • Sports


  • Ad Optimisation
  • Display Monetisation
  • Website Technology Consultation

Relationship Period

  • 8 Months

About the client

Cricket Addictor serves as a one-stop hub to cater to the cricketing news at the fingertips with the prime aim—to be the first to deliver the news. For the digital medium, passionate youngsters have been contributing to making it big. Our mission is to provide news with no touch of artificiality. We feel pleasure in introducing CA, as our vision is to keep valuable readers updated about the current happenings across the cricketing globe.

The challenge

  • High eCPM Demand During Cricket World Cup 2023: CricketAddictor approached us with the unique challenge of securing the best possible eCPM rates specifically for the Cricket World Cup 2023 season. This required a strategic approach to maximize revenue during this high-profile event.
  • Balancing Higher eCPM with Decent Fill Rates: The goal was not just to achieve higher eCPM, but also to maintain decent fill rates. This dual objective necessitated a delicate balance between selecting high-yield ads and ensuring consistent ad inventory availability.
  • Securing Profitable Direct Deals: CricketAddictor was also in need of securing lucrative direct deals for their ad inventory. This involved identifying and negotiating with potential advertisers for premium ad placements during the World Cup season.
  • Ad Placement and Optimization: Along with securing deals, there was a need for optimal ad placement and continuous optimization to ensure maximum engagement and revenue from each ad spot, especially during the high-traffic event like the Cricket World Cup.

The solution

  • Floor Optimization Based on Past Trends: We initiated the strategy with a base floor price, determined by analyzing past trends and data from other publishers. This provided a solid foundation for our revenue optimization efforts.
  • Incremental Floor Price Adjustments: To find the optimal balance between floor price and fill rates, we systematically increased the floor prices week over week, across different geographies and ad units. This approach helped us identify the most effective combination for maximizing revenue.
  • Securing Lucrative Direct Ad Deals: We facilitated connections between CricketAddictor.com and high-quality direct advertisers. This led to successful execution of premium ad formats such as in-image, floating, and interstitial ads, creating impactful direct deal campaigns for the season.
  • Continuous Optimization of Ad Placement: Simultaneously, we focused on optimizing ad placements on CricketAddictor.com. This continuous improvement in ad positioning further enhanced the site's revenue potential, complementing our other strategic efforts.


The implementation of our strategic solutions for CricketAddictor.com yielded exceptional results. Through our comprehensive floor optimization process, we achieved an astounding 300% increase in eCPM, a clear testament to the efficacy of our data-driven approach. In addition, our efforts in ad placement optimization contributed to a significant 30% increase in programmatic revenue. This was not just a numerical achievement but a substantial uplift in the overall revenue stream. Furthermore, the meticulous optimization of ad placements led to an impressive 78% average viewability rate. This high viewability score underscores the success of our strategies in not only attracting but also retaining user attention, thereby maximizing ad effectiveness and revenue potential for CricketAddictor.com during the highly competitive Cricket World Cup season.


Higher eCPM


Revenue increase


Overall View-ability

Testimonial from Cricketaddictor

Lilian Bocouse

Bhupinder Singh


“We found the ideal strategy to connect with our users after incorporating RediAds, resulting in a notable increase in revenue. This achievement is credited to their robust platform and committed team.”

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Optimized Ad Strategy Boost floor price for Cricket Addictor

In collaboration with Rediads, Cricket Addictor made strategic decisions influenced by market trends. By tailoring floor prices to the cricket season, we achieved a remarkable 300% increase in eCPM and a 32.3% rise in revenue


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