Revolutionizing Rightrasta.com's Revenue


Achieving a 25% Revenue Uplift with Cutting-Edge Ad Formats and Tactical Placement. At Rediads Pvt Ltd, we transformed Rightrasta.com's advertising strategy by expertly optimizing ad placement and rolling out engaging new formats, including the dynamic Flying Carpet and immersive Interstitial ads...


  • rightrasta.com
  • Gurgaon, India


  • Jobs,Education


  • Ad Optimisation
  • Display, Widget & Video Monetisation
  • Website Technology Consultation

Relationship Period

  • 1.3 Years

About the client

Rightrasta.com stands as a premier online portal dedicated to delivering the latest and most crucial job openings in the Government sector, tailored for English-speaking audiences. Thier platform addresses a significant need for timely, accessible, and reliable job notifications in English. We understand the pivotal role that up-to-date information plays in career advancement, especially in the dynamic landscape of government recruitment. Rightrasta.com is more than just a job notification site; it's a career partner for those aspiring to secure prestigious positions in the government sector. By bridging the gap between job seekers and government opportunities, we ensure that their users are always one step ahead in their career journey.

The challenge

  • Dependency on Pure AdSense Model: Initially, Rightrasta was solely reliant on hardcoded AdSense ads, limiting their potential for maximizing revenue and exploring diverse ad technologies.
  • Aspiration for Higher eCPM: Rightrasta aimed to achieve higher eCPM rates. This goal necessitated a shift from their existing ad strategy to more sophisticated and potentially more profitable advertising solutions.
  • Need for Advanced Ad Technology: The desire to incorporate the latest advertising technology was a priority for Rightrasta, aimed at driving incremental revenue and staying ahead in the competitive digital advertising landscape.
  • Requirement of Net 30 Days Payment Terms: A crucial operational requirement for Rightrasta was to ensure that the new ad revenue streams provided payment terms within a net 30 days period, aligning with their financial planning and cash flow management.

The solution

  • Implementation of DFP and OpenBidding Technology: We strategically integrated DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and OpenBidding technology with partners who could guarantee payment clearance within a 28-day period, aligning with Rightrasta's financial timelines.
  • Introduction of Sticky Ads with Viewability-Based Refresh: To enhance ad effectiveness, we implemented sticky ads featuring a 30-second viewability refresh. This innovation ensures that ads are only refreshed when they are in view, thereby maximizing engagement and revenue potential.
  • Special Sports Widget for the World Cup: Recognizing the high traffic during the Cricket World Cup period, we introduced a specialized sports widget to capture and engage the audience's interest, thereby creating additional revenue opportunities.
  • Advanced Ad Formats for Increased Revenue: We also introduced advanced ad formats like Parallax and Double-Sided ads. These innovative formats not only enhanced the user experience but also significantly boosted ad revenue for Rightrasta.


The implementation of our innovative advertising strategies at Rightrasta.com led to remarkable outcomes. The introduction of sticky ads and parallax formats resulted in a substantial 40% increase in overall revenue. These engaging ad types captivated the audience, translating into higher revenue gains. Additionally, the strategic use of viewability refresh technology and the careful placement of ads contributed to a 27% increase in eCPM. This approach not only optimized the ad performance but also significantly boosted the cost-efficiency of each ad unit. Moreover, these efforts collectively enhanced the ad viewability rates by an impressive 50%, ensuring that the advertisements were not just seen but also effectively engaged with by the audience. These achievements underscore our commitment to delivering tailored and effective ad solutions that drive tangible results.


Higher eCPM


Revenue increase


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Testimonial from Rightrasta

Lilian Bocouse



“RediAds has proven to be a dependable partner, with their header bidding solution delivering outstanding results, particularly in terms of revenue and support. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking to boost their revenue.”

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Revolutionizing Rightrasta.com's Revenue

Achieving a 25% Revenue Uplift with Cutting-Edge Ad Formats and Tactical Placement. At Rediads Pvt Ltd, we transformed Rightrasta.com's advertising strategy by expertly optimizing ad placement and rolling out engaging new formats, including the dynamic Flying Carpet and immersive Interstitial ads..


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