Creative Ads Showcase

Here is the list of creatives that we will use to show your ads on the publishers website. These creative are capable to deliver the best performance on any website.


This ad will give your brand extra viewability and style to showcase the product. You can choose show a 728x90/300x250 banner with Video/320x480 big banner. This ad is great if you want to increse the awarness of the brand.

Take Over Ad

This is a DFP compatiable pop up cum interstitial ad that will take over tha intire screen of a website. It is modified in a way that you can even you it on mobile.The size of the ad is 320px x 480px.

Sticky Ads

Plain old sticky are best if you want great viewabillity on the ads. The size available in the sticky ads are 160x600/320x50 & 728x90. Guarnteed 95% viewability and decent CTR.

Animated footer ad

A small 200x200px gif ad that will always steal the attention. It is a low budget long duration branding ad. It is best suited for your already best selling product or to increase the sale of a mature product.

Peek Ad

Peek ads are best for a new launched Movies fast check out and other events. The front of the ad show the banner and after hovering over the ad it will show the checkout & buy now options.

Road Block

Run all the ads with one brand banner. Roadblock is best of both world. It will give you the best CTR, high viewability & a long lasting mind impression on a user.

Slider Ads

A carousel ad that will feature 5 products or services. The best feature of this as is that you can show different product of same type or show the different angels of a car or product. 

Expandable Sticky Ads

Sticky ads with quick pop-up that will show all the features of the products and user will also get a actionable to perform.